Smash Pong

This is my most favorite project that I worked on from my Flash game programming course back during my freshman year at college. I still find it addicting to play despite its bugs and quirks. The training mode is much more fun than the vs. mode for some reason. For a simple pong game it is very intense and fast paced. You basically get more points for how accurate you hit the ball, but it also speeds up the ball much more. Click here to play.

League of Legends Custom Skin Toolkit

This is community tool which I designed to allow the creation of custom character models skins for League of Legends. There is no official modding tools available for League of Legends and before this tool, the only types of skin mods that were available have been texture swaps. This tool as well as the full source code can be downloaded from

CUDA Octree Real-Time Ray Tracer

For a class project, we had to write some volume data visualization application to run on the university’s super computer. I was recently learning CUDA programming so for a small project, I implemented the same algorithm on a GPU with CUDA C++ and was able to get real time performance with ray tracing the volume data sets. This is a video demonstration of the algorithm running on a GTX 480. The code was written in CUDA C++. The dataset was procedurally generated using fractal noise blended with a mathematical isosurface function.

Automated 3D Solitaire AI

This is a video demonstration of a class project I worked on for my AI course. The program we wrote only had console output which was very difficult to visually debug so I used a simple 3d game engine that I wrote a while back to animate the solitaire games. This wasn’t really required for the project, but it really helped debugging the code and I did it mostly for fun.

Model Rigging Kit For Halo CE

This is community mod tool which I designed to allow the creation of custom character models for Halo CE mods. The official export tool doesn’t support exporting models rigged to skeletal joints. This tool can be downloaded from

CTF_Convoy For Team Fortress 2

This is my second custom TF2 map which was loosely inspired by the UT2004 Assault map. This map has been well received by the TF2 community and featured in several custom map packs. Even though this map was released back in 2008, this map is still played on a constantly full 24/7 server thanks to the Fug World TF2 community. This map can be downloaded from

CP_DesertFortress For Team Fortress 2

This was my first attempt at creating a custom Team Fortress 2 map with a unique design. Unlike most capture point maps, this map featured a capture points that need to be held simultaneously before the final point can be captured. This map can be downloaded from

Mystic For Halo Custom Edition

Mystic is my second major map release for Halo CE. With extremely high-res textures and details, this map was designed to push the limits of what the Halo engine can render. This map also featured a completely redesigned model for Master Chief, an improved version of the Bull Dog motor cycle and a few customized weapons. More screen-shots and a download link can be found at

Chronopolis C3 For Halo Custom Edition

This was one of my first official custom map releases for Halo Custom Edition using the Halo Editing Kit. This map features a few custom weapons, a custom motor cycle ‘Bull Dog’ and a updated model for Master Chief. Since it’s release in 2006, this map has been downloaded by over 100,000 Halo CE players and still remains one of the top 10 most popular Halo CE maps of all time. More screen-shots and a download link can be found at